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Faith @ Work

Faith is at work in an unprecedented fashion. For only the last few years, the United Nations has taken seriously the necessity of bringing religious faith to the negotiating table, even sponsoring the High Level Dialogue on Interreligious and Intercultural Understanding & Cooperation for Peace during the 62nd session of the General Assembly. This series looks, from a Christian point of view, at the personal implications and eternal significance of faith at work in the arenas of personal confidence and relational competence.

Part 1: Personal Confidence
To develop personal confidence in your relationship with God, Part 1 of this series takes a closer look at such issues as "Can I be sure I'm a Christian?" "How can God forgive me when I make so many mistakes?" "How can I overcome my temptations and weaknesses?"

Part 2: Relational Competence
Relational competence has two vital components: developing your relationship with God and strengthening your relationships with others. This would fulfill what Jesus called the Greatest Commandment: "Love God with all your heart..." and "Love your neighbor as yourself." Part 2 of this series looks at questions like, "How can I love God more consistently?" "Can I really trust the Bible as God's words to me?" "Does God truly hear my prayers?" "How can I love someone if I don't particularly like them?"