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Part 2: Relational Competence

Relational competence has two vital components: developing your relationship with God and strengthening your relationships with others. This would fulfill what Jesus called the Greatest Commandment: "Love God with all your heart..." and "Love your neighbor as yourself." Part 2 of this series looks at questions like, "How can I love God more consistently?" "Can I really trust the Bible as God's words to me?" "Does God truly hear my prayers?" "How can I love someone if I don't particularly like them?"

6. GRACE: Freedom from the performance trap (PDF)

7. PASSION: Intensifying your passion for God (PDF)

8. BIBLE: Can the Bible be trusted? (PDF)

9. BIBLE STUDY: How to do inductive Bible study (PDF)

10. DIRECTION: Discerning God's will (PDF)

11. PRAYER: Talking with God (PDF)

12. LOVE: Transformational power (PDF)