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Past Events

December 2011

Wednesday, December 07
Christmas Dinner and Concert

Over 200 diplomats and friends enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel. Seasonal music was performed by harpist Olivia Lu and soloist Martin Fisher. Our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Frank A. James, Provost and Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, gave a somber but moving message to help all focus on the true spirit of the Christmas season.

October 2011

Thursday, October 06
Rethinking Success and Significance

Join fellow diplomats for our Fall 2011 Diplomat Luncheon and Discussion Series


featuring Dr. Rodney Orr

Wednesday, October 05
Fall Friendship Tea for Diplomat Wives

Enjoy meeting other wives from the U.N. Diplomatic community and learn about the interesting classes the Christian Embassy is offering this fall: Conversational English Class; Interactive Seminar, "Surviving and Thriving Across Cultures;" Spiritual Discussions.

Guest Speaker: Wife, mother, artist, and educator, CORTINA ORR has lived, worked, and raised two children in four countries: Kenya, Scotland, Zimbabwe, and the United States. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from East Carolina University, Cortina has taught art and religious education in primary schools, as well as seminars on Sex Education/AIDS Awareness and Prevention to young people. With her husband, Dr. Rodney Orr, she served as part of a team to build the Africa Leadership and Management Academy (ALMA) in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Currently she and Rodney reside in Connecticut, where she works with women faculty and staff at Yale University through the Rivendell Institute. They have been married 28 years and have two children Ariel (20) and Bradley (17).

September 2011

Tuesday, September 13
26th Annual International Prayer Breakfast, 13 September 2011

On the Opening Day of the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly, close to 200 delegates gathered together to seek God's divine wisdom and leadership over all the deliberations and work of the Session, and the proceedings of the MDGs Summit. We did so with hope and in anticipation of the fulfillment of His promise to heal our lands.

Dr. Dinesh D'Souza's remarks, "God, Secularism, and Human Dignity," were timely and well-received. An audio recording of his remarks are also posted on this site.

December 2010

Wednesday, December 08
2010 Christmas Dinner and Concert

Over 200 diplomats and friends enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel, followed by a concert of Christmas songs by the renowned Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers, and special remarks by Mr. John Meador.

Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers is an ensemble of musicians from the highly acclaimed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, winner of six Grammy Awards. The dynamic music of The Singers helped all to focus on the true spirit of the Christmas season.

John Meador is pastor of a dynamic growing church in Dallas, Texas. His life story is testimony to how a gracious and loving God enables one to overcome "impossibilities." His enthusiasm for the reason for the Christmas season is absolutely contagious.

October 2010

Wednesday, October 06
Fall 2010 Wives Friendship Tea and Afternoon Seminar

A Welcome Event for the wives of the UN Diplomatic community. Features Mrs. Donna Kushner, consultant in cross cultural training, speaking on "THE JOYS AND CHALLENGES OF TRANSITIONS."

By invitation only.

Special afternoon Seminar, "TRANSITIONS AND YOUR THIRD CULTURE KID," 2:00-4:00 PM

September 2010

Tuesday, September 14
25th Annual International Prayer Breakfast

On the Opening Day of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly, 175 delegates gathered together to seek God's divine wisdom and leadership over all the deliberations and work of the Session, and the proceedings of the MDGs Summit. We did so with hope and in anticipation of the fulfillment of His promise to heal our lands.

December 2009

Tuesday, December 08
Christmas Dinner and Concert

March 2009

Tuesday, March 03
International Women's Day Tea for Diplomat Wives

In honor of International Women's Day, Christian Embassy was delighted to host a tea and special presentation by Mrs. Soozie Schneider, "Living Purposefully: The 25-Hour Woman."

December 2008

Monday, December 08
60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Christian Embassy cosponsored this two day symposium with New York Divinity School, Advocates International, Christian Legal Society, and others to honor Ambassador Dr. Charles Malik, one of the primary authors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

MONDAY topics included International Business Can Be a Friend of Human Rights, Slavery 2008:Sex or Labor-Action for Liberation, and Religious Liberty & Condominiumization.

TUESDAY topics included Education Access as a Human Right, Global Warming and Rights, Protecting People from Religious Violence, and Promoting Religious Liberty at the Street Level.

Dr. Habib Malik, son of Ambassador Charles Malik, made a special appearance on Wednesday.


Wednesday, December 03
2008 Christmas Dinner and Concert

We hosted our 2008 Christmas Dinner on 3 December at the Roosevelt Hotel for about 230 members of the diplomatic community representing nearly 90 nations. A mini-concert of Madrigal vocalists set the tone for the season. The high-light of the evening was a message from Dr. Os Guinness, a renowned scholar and thinker on leading ideas of our day in the context of faith and public policy. A passionate communicator, Dr. Guinness spoke on the topic of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

March 2008

Tuesday, March 18
Easter Dinner and Concert

Our 2008 Easter Dinner was held at the Yale Club Grand Ballroom for about 200 members of the diplomatic community representing 80 nations. Our hearts were touched by the inspiring music of Lisa Lynne Mathis, an outstanding concert pianist and vocalist. Additionally, we were honored to hear from Dr. Richard Pratt, a renowned scholar of the Old Testament and passionate communicator. He discussed how God's universal design for human dignity is restored in the reality of Easter.

December 2007

Tuesday, December 04
2007 Christmas Dinner and Concert

Christian Embassy was pleased to host Vanguard, an a cappella jazz quartet that has performed internationally on three continents and extensively throughout the United States. Vanguard entertained and inspired over 200 guests from the diplomatic community as they wove their festive vocal arrangements with favorite holiday traditions and thoughtful reflections, centered around the historical and personal significance of Christmas.

September 2007

Tuesday, September 18
22nd Annual International Prayer Breakfast

The International Prayer Breakfast has been observed each year since 1985 in recognition of the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. It is a non-political, non-partisan event facilitated by the Christian Embassy and other NGO's. Invitations are sent to each of the 191 ambassadors and other high-level delegates who represent their governments at the United Nations. Nearly every religion and nation have been represented in previous years.

The objectives of this gathering are:

  • To acknowledge the sovereignty of God over all peoples and nations
  • To invoke God's wisdom and blessing on those involved in the work of the United Nations
  • To express the support of the faith community for those who serve at the United Nations
  • To provide for an expression of friendship and fellowship in the spirit of Jesus

July 2006

Tuesday, July 04
Caribbean Heads of Government Prayer Breakfast

Christian Embassy facilitated the first prayer breakfast ever held at the start of the gathering of all of the Presidents and Prime Ministers in the Caribbean as they met for the annual meeting of CARICOM (Caribbean Community). For an overview and some pictures, please read the official government press release from the Office of the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.

May 2006

Wednesday, May 10
Breaking the DaVinci Code

So many responded to our invitation that we had to change the venue at the last minute! Over a hundred guests came to our dinner forum at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel Ballroom to hear Dr. Darrell Bock, Research Professor of New Testament Studies, who wrote the New York Times best-seller called Breaking the DaVinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking. He challenged the claims of an historical basis in Dan Brown's book, The DaVinci Code, which has raised numerous questions about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Bible. With the creativity of a good novelist, Brown raises the ultimate question that deserves careful thought and an informed answer: "Did the church perpetrate a lie?"

Dr. Bock answered that question with a resounding "No!" Drawing on a wide range of historical resources, his research reveals the truth of the Christian faith by focusing on the 325 years immediately following the birth of Jesus to separate verifiable facts from the fictional claims of Dan Brown's famous book.

April 2006

Thursday, April 06
The Harmony and Hope of Easter and Passover

Christianity and Judaism are both “religions of the book” that promote worship of “one God.” But the similarities end there . . . or do they? The Jewish Passover Seder recalls God’s deliverance while simultaneously anticipating the Messiah, whose death and resurrection are celebrated by Christians at Easter. Exodus 12, Luke 22, and Isaiah 53 show the connection and implications to us today.

LAURA FELS, our speaker, was raised by a Jewish father and Protestant mother but as she entered the university, she rejected both religions as irrelevant to her life. Years later she embraced a faith that linked her Jewish and Protestant roots, and it changed her life. After fifteen years in corporate management, she has just celebrated 20 years with an international NGO.

March 2006

Wednesday, March 01
Makoto Fujimura

     “MAKO” was born in Boston but did his doctoral studies in Tokyo. He is a world-renowned Nihonga artist, a master of this ancient Japanese style of painting.
     Valerie Dillon, owner of the Dillon Gallery in New York City, said, “Spending time with Fujimura’s work invites one to enter a meditation. His paintings evoke a sense of reverence and contemplation that moves us out of the mundane, and into a visual dimension that speaks to the soul.”
     According to Eric Walstedt, the Gallery’s Director, Fujimura “views his work more in the nature of offerings than as personal expressions…. Each painting is an attempt to span the void between the human and the divine, the transitory and the eternal.”
     Read his speech here

December 2005

Wednesday, December 07
Christmas Dinner Concert

TATIANA, "a performer like no other, a voice you will always remember, an evening you will not forget." Known as Tajci in her Croatian home, she presented "Emmanuel - The Christmas Story," a beautiful program that tells the story of Jesus' birth through Scripture, treasured carols and original compositions. The audience of 176 diplomats from 63 countries were given an inspiring opportunity to understand and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

September 2005

Tuesday, September 13
20th Annual International Prayer Breakfast

On the occasion of the High Level Meeting of the Heads of State and Government, Dr. Rick Warren, author of "Purpose Driven Life" addressed 175 dignitaries with a speech entitled, "Living Purposefully in Uncertain Times." The objectives of the International Prayer Breakfast are to acknowledge the sovereignty of God over all peoples and nations, to invoke God's wisdom and blessing on those involved in the work of the United Nations as peacemakers, to express the support of the faith community for the United Nations, and to provide an expression of Christian fellowship. Watch a 7 minute video from the 2002 International Prayer Breakfast.

July 2003

Thursday, July 10
1st Annual African Union Prayer Breakfast

On July 10, 2003, in Maputo, Mozambique, we witnessed an unprecedented gathering of many of Africa’s top leaders. President Chissano of Mozambique invited all the Heads of State, Secretaries of State and national delegation leaders from 53 African nations to Maputo, Mozambique for the African Union Summit.

The President also invited these same leaders to join him for a Prayer Breakfast on the opening day of the Summit, which was organized by the Christian Embassy teams from New York and Washington DC in partnership with two other UN-focused ministries. Nearly 250 accepted the president’s invitation. President Obasanjo of Nigeria, President Mwanawasa of Zambia, Prime Minister Zenawi of Ethiopia, the Secretary General of the Africa Union and the Secretary General of the United Nations (Mr. Kofi Annan), participated on the program.

The speaker for the morning, Mr. Ravi Zacharias, spoke convincingly on the wisdom, indeed the necessity, of building a life and a nation on the only sure and lasting foundation, Jesus Christ.

At the close of the Breakfast, as delegates prepared to leave for the opening session of the Summit, the moderator, President Obasanjo (Nigeria), asked all to stand and grasp the hands of those seated next to them, while he prayed a prayer of dedication in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

September 2001

Tuesday, September 11
9/11 International Prayer Breakfast

When the Sixteenth Annual International Prayer Breakfast was scheduled for 11 September 2001, who could have anticipated how important prayer would become on that dreadful day? Some headlines have called it “The Day the World Changed.” For a season at least, all our lives have been personally affected, and we are only too aware of the global impact of those acts of terror.

As 225 of us sat peacefully in the Delegates’ Dining Room that morning, the city outside which all of us called “home” was already under siege. While those mighty towers were under attack and thousands were facing death, Dr. Miroslav Volf reminded us that the “will to embrace the other” – even an enemy – is at the heart of reconciliation and peace and hope.

Because the program for that morning was such a source of inspiration to so many, we want you to have a copy of it in its entirety. We believe you will find much that’s worthy of reflection and personal application, to provide guidance in your personal journey.

It could be said that the will to embrace is what the work of the United Nations is all about. Our will to embrace is continually and profoundly tested. May God give us the grace to respond from hearts transformed by His love.

September 2000

Tuesday, September 05
Millennium Summit Prayer Breakfast

When the Secretary General of the United Nations announced the Millennium Summit, we decided to invite the heads of state and government to our annual Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations. With a host committee of 21 ambassadors, and the co-sponsorship of 6 Christian organizations, Christian Embassy chaired the Program Committee for this Prayer Breakfast on the opening of the Summit. Ambassador Andrew Young gave the main address to 350 distinguished delegates from 100 countries. The highlight was the prayer which was offered by His Excellency Olusengun Obasanjo, the President of Nigeria. Click here for the President's prayer.