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Who We Are

Brief History

2000: Millennium Summit Prayer Breakfast, held at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom, is attended by 350 dignitaries from around the world, including 16 Heads of State and Government and 100 Ambassadors.

1990: Christian Embassy is officially accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations.

1985: First annual International Prayer Breakfast takes place on the Opening Day of the General Assembly.

1980: Christian Embassy opened its United Nations office at 820 2nd Avenue.

1975: Christian Embassy started in Washington, DC.


We support the worthy goals of the United Nations to address the critical needs of the world. We also agree with Dr. Charles Malik, 13th President of the General Assembly, that personal and global peace, security, social justice, respect for human dignity and a high regard for women are affirmed in the teachings of Jesus and are anchored in a reverence for God. We facilitate opportunities for diplomats and their families to consider the relevance of God in personal and practical ways.


We receive no funding from any government agency or any single religious group. As a non-profit organization, we are funded by private citizens and many different churches who believe with us that the solution to current world issues is found through the transformation of peoples’ hearts as they find peace with God.


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Meredith Gandy

Karen Bradley

David Timbie

Giselle Timbie

Laura Fels

Cathy Birdsall

Brian Birdsall
(Executive Director)


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