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[continued from home page] ...We also believe that God is personally concerned for you, your family and your responsibilities. The pressures of decision-making, long working hours, and adjusting to a foreign environment are demanding and stressful. Your family feels this strain with you.

We want to help you find power for living in your fast-paced, pressured world through a personal relationship with God.

The Christian Embassy is a non-political, interdenominational NGO. Established in 1975, the Christian Embassy serves in capital cities on five continents as well as the United Nations community. We are funded by private citizens and churches who believe with us that the world's struggles are rooted in the hearts of human beings.

We believe that the worthy goals of global peace and security, and respect for human dignity are affirmed in the teachings of Jesus and anchored in a reverence for God.

Dr. Charles Malik, President of the 13th session of the General Assembly and leading author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, concluded: "The needs of the world are much deeper than political freedom and security, much deeper than social injustice and economic development, much deeper than democracy and progress. The deeper needs of the world belong to the sphere of the mind, the heart, and the spirit, a sphere to be penetrated with the light and grace of Jesus Christ."

It is with that perspective that the Christian Embassy hosts receptions, dinners, discussions, forums and weekend seminars on pertinent topics of vital importance such as "Truth and Reconciliation," "Biblical Perspectives on Leadership," and "God's Plan for the Family."

Hundreds of political, military and diplomatic leaders and their families attend these events and also meet personally with the Christian Embassy staff, utilizing their expertise and training in Biblical studies, family counseling, leadership training, etc. Friendships formed through these events and contacts with qualified experts enable us also to link individuals and organizations who are able to meet critical development needs in the world.

People everywhere are searching for real solutions. As Dr. Malik observed, Jesus Christ gets to the heart of every human struggle. He provides forgiveness, encouragement and wisdom for living. Through Him people learn to enjoy peace with God, with themselves and with their colleagues. When leaders themselves find inner peace with God new energies are released for constructive solutions to the need for personal and global peace.

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