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Teachings Of Jesus

To Be Considered....

According to Dr. Charles Malik, President of the 13th General Assembly, Signer of the U.N. Charter, and primary drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

The needs of the world are much deeper than political freedom and security,
much deeper than social justice and economic development,
much deeper than democracy and progress….
The deeper needs of the world belong to the sphere of the mind, the heart and the spirit,
a sphere to be penetrated with the light and grace of Jesus Christ.

People of all nations, every race, color, creed, economic situation, political or religious view, recognize Jesus’ transcendent universal message to an alienated world.

Central to Jesus’ message is reconciliation through the transformed minds and hearts of men and women in all levels of society worldwide.

  • Jesus taught that “all the law and prophets” is summed up in His law of love — love for God, for one’s neighbor and for one’s self. This “first and greatest commandment” — to love God with all one’s being — is the basis for all life’s relationships.
  • Jesus said the second commandment is like the first — “love your neighbor as yourself.” This begins with your family and friends — and includes a special and genuine concern for the poor and needy. The love of which Jesus speaks, includes all people, even one’s enemies.
  • Jesus taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Making peace with God is the basis of peacemaking. “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.”
  • Jesus said, unequivocally, that those who follow Him are to deny self, forsaking all conflicting loyalties, desires and interests.