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Speeches at Christian Embassy Events

"Moral Vision and Nation-Building" Remarks by Dr. Delanyo Adadevoh at the 25th Annual International Prayer Breakfast
On the Opening Day of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly, 175 delegates gathered together to seek God's divine wisdom and leadership over all the deliberations and work of the Session, and the proceedings of the MDGs Summit. We did so with hope and in anticipation of the fulfillment of His promise to heal our lands.
Your Worldview Really Matters
Dr. Udo Middelmann is a professor, author, philosopher, theologian, and entrepreneur. He holds degrees in Law from Freiburg University, Germany, and in Theology from Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. He has lectured widely on ethics and society in many countries on all continents. He regularly publishes the cyber-newsletter "Footnotes," where he encourages thinking deeply about matters of faith.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Dr. Os Guinness addressed 230 diplomats from 85 countries at the annual Christmas Dinner on 3 December, 2008 on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He was born in China,earned his D. Phil. at Oxford, and has written or edited more than 25 books on political philosphical, and spiritual topics. [40 minutes, MP3]
Faith and the Global Public Square
Dr. Os Guiness, author, scholar, and philosopher, addressed 200 diplomats from 80 countries at the annual Christian Dinner on 6 December 2006 on a topic rooted in the "Alliance of Civilizations". He observed that faith and ideology will define the 21st century. He then posed 3 questions with global implications: (1) Will Islam modernize peacefully? (2) Which faith will come to replace Marxism in China? and (3) Will the West recover or sever its roots? He then proceeded to a more personal level, asking (1) How do we live with our deepest differences with others? and (2) Which of the many faiths provides the deepest answer to the human longings and can be seen to be true? He suggested that the simple message of Christmas may provide the answer. [22 minutes long, 22MB, Quicktime required]
2012 International Prayer Breakfast
Remarks delivered by Dr. Ravi Zacharias at the 2012 International Prayer Breakfast, 18 September 2012.

Bible Discussion Topics

Fact One: There is one human family. Fact Two: We live in an imperfect, unfair, and wounded creation. Question: How can I, as one created in the image of God, pursue His call to seek justice, fairness, and reasonable improvement in what remains a very needy world?

 Your Work Matters: Connecting God and Work
Sixty percent of our waking hours are at work, while 30% of our time is spent with family and another 10% on church, religion, or outside pursuits. Why, then is our work the most difficult part of our lives? In this series, we will consider how we can integrate our faith and our daily work, through the lens of Scripture.
 Your Worldview Really Matters
This five-session series featuring guest lecturer Dr. Udo Middelmann, President of the Francis A. Schaffer Foundation, features key concepts in the importance of worldview: "The Danger in Religion," Ideas Have Consequences," Comparing Faiths - Competing Ideas," Truth, Justice, and Universal Human Rights," and "The True Humanism."
 Human Rights
"Universal Foundations for Human Rights: A Dialogue in Genesis." On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Christian Embassy initiated a dialogue to pursue the universal foundations of this exceptional document. The early chapters of Genesis provide source material to establish that human rights have been bestowed universally by the Creator of the universe.
 Critical Decisions of Godly Leadership
At the 2007 International Prayer Breakfast, Dr. John Maxwell said, "We over-exaggerate yesterday, we over-estimate tomorrow, and we under-value today.... Are you taking care of today?" The answer to the question has both heavenly and earthly implications. A leader's success is determined by his or her daily agenda, making the critical decisions early, and managing them daily.
 The Beatitudes
"The Beatitudes: Implications to Life and Leadership" is a study of the eight attributes of a person whom Jesus calls "blessed." Found in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12), each one is a challenge to our temporal paradigm. Each one advocates a distinctly different perspective on how to view ourselves and others. Each one will provoke a continual reassessment of the values on which we base our decisions in life and leadership.
 The Lord's Prayer
This series, entitled "The Lord's Prayer: An Eternal Perspective on Personal and Global Issues," explores the "Pater Noster," the only prayer Jesus actually teaches. These 57 words are simple, profound, and complete. "When you learn to pray an effective prayer--praying in secret, praying sincerely, praying revently, praying with submission, and being willing to forgive--this United Nations will become a powerful force for God and for good." These are the words of Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate spoken as he concluded his address at the International Prayer Breakfast in the Delegates' Dining Room in September 2006 to an audience of over 200 delegates from 60 countries.
 10 Commandments
Explore the 10 Commandments, or, as we came to understand them in the United Nations context, the "Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities"
 Purpose Driven Life
This study is based on the best selling book, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, by Dr. Rick Warren. The book is a personal 40-day spiritual journey that asks, "What on earth am I here for?" These study questions were developed for a weekly men's luncheon group. They will help you personally or in small groups to examine and apply this "Manifesto on the Meaning of Life."
 Getting to know the Bible (PDF)
Have you ever needed to find just the right word from God to meet a special need in your life? Have you ever wanted to help someone else with just the right encouragement from the Bible? This 2-page brochure lists over 50 life circumstances and the Biblical counsel that is most relevant for each. [131kB pdf file]


Teachings of Jesus
Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi
One Solitary Life
. . . a brief history of the life of Jesus

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