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The Lord's Prayer

This series, entitled "The Lord's Prayer: An Eternal Perspective on Personal and Global Issues," explores the "Pater Noster," the only prayer Jesus actually teaches. These 57 words are simple, profound, and complete. "When you learn to pray an effective prayer--praying in secret, praying sincerely, praying revently, praying with submission, and being willing to forgive--this United Nations will become a powerful force for God and for good." These are the words of Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate spoken as he concluded his address at the International Prayer Breakfast in the Delegates' Dining Room in September 2006 to an audience of over 200 delegates from 60 countries.

1a Introduction to The Lord's Prayer (PDF)

1b Observation Worksheet (PDF)

2 Our Father (PDF)

3 Hallowed Be Your Name (PDF)

4 Your Kingdom Come (PDF)

5 Your Will Be Done (PDF)

6 Daily Bread (PDF)

7 Forgive Us (PDF)

8 Deliver Us from Evil (PDF)

9 Kingdom, Power, Glory (PDF)

10 Conclusion (PDF)