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The Beatitudes

"The Beatitudes: Implications to Life and Leadership" is a study of the eight attributes of a person whom Jesus calls "blessed." Found in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12), each one is a challenge to our temporal paradigm. Each one advocates a distinctly different perspective on how to view ourselves and others. Each one will provoke a continual reassessment of the values on which we base our decisions in life and leadership.

1 Introduction (PDF)

2 Blessed (PDF)

3 Blessed are the Poor (PDF)

4 Blessed are the Mourners (PDF)

5 Blessed are the Meek (PDF)

6 Blessed are the Hungry (PDF)

7 Blessed are the Merciful (PDF)

8 Blessed are the Pure (PDF)

9 Blessed are the Peacemakers (PDF)

10 Blessed are the Persecuted (PDF)

11 Be a Blessing to Others (PDF)