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Purpose Driven Life

This study is based on the best selling book, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, by Dr. Rick Warren. The book is a personal 40-day spiritual journey that asks, "What on earth am I here for?" These study questions were developed for a weekly men's luncheon group. They will help you personally or in small groups to examine and apply this "Manifesto on the Meaning of Life."

1 Top Priorities

2 True Purpose

3-4 Your Purpose

5-7 Life on Earth

8-9 Worship God

10a Surrender to God

10b Two Who Surrendered

10c Transforming Faith

11-12 Friendship with God

13-14 God Is Near

15 "Family" Matters

16 Love Matters

17-19 Unity Matters

20-21 Reconciliation

22-23 In His Image

24 Truth Transforms

25 Trouble Transforms

26-28 Temptation Transforms

29-30 Made for Ministry

31-32 Shaped to Serve God

33-35 Servant Leadership

36-37 Made for a Mission

38 World-Class Christian

39-40 Living with Purpose