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Speeches Shared at Our Events
2010 Christmas Dinner and Concert
"The Grace of God," remarks delivered by John Meador at the 2010 Christmas Dinner and Concert.
"Moral Vision and Nation-Building" Remarks by Dr. Delanyo Adadevoh at the 25th Annual International Prayer Breakfast
On the Opening Day of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly, 175 delegates gathered together to seek God's divine wisdom and leadership over all the deliberations and work of the Session, and the proceedings of the MDGs Summit. We did so with hope and in anticipation of the fulfillment of His promise to heal our lands.
Your Worldview Really Matters
Dr. Udo Middelmann is a professor, author, philosopher, theologian, and entrepreneur. He holds degrees in Law from Freiburg University, Germany, and in Theology from Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. He has lectured widely on ethics and society in many countries on all continents. He regularly publishes the cyber-newsletter "Footnotes," where he encourages thinking deeply about matters of faith.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Dr. Os Guinness addressed 230 diplomats from 85 countries at the annual Christmas Dinner on 3 December, 2008 on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He was born in China,earned his D. Phil. at Oxford, and has written or edited more than 25 books on political philosphical, and spiritual topics. [40 minutes, MP3]
Faith and the Global Public Square
Dr. Os Guiness, author, scholar, and philosopher, addressed 200 diplomats from 80 countries at the annual Christian Dinner on 6 December 2006 on a topic rooted in the "Alliance of Civilizations". He observed that faith and ideology will define the 21st century. He then posed 3 questions with global implications: (1) Will Islam modernize peacefully? (2) Which faith will come to replace Marxism in China? and (3) Will the West recover or sever its roots? He then proceeded to a more personal level, asking (1) How do we live with our deepest differences with others? and (2) Which of the many faiths provides the deepest answer to the human longings and can be seen to be true? He suggested that the simple message of Christmas may provide the answer. [22 minutes long, 22MB, Quicktime required]
Makoto Fujimura
Why does a good God allow the innocent to suffer? "Redeemed from Fire by Fire", is a message of hope--beauty out of the ashes--delivered by Japanese artist, Makoto Fujimura, on 1 March 2006. [50.5 kB pdf file]
2003 African Union Prayer Breakfast
The first annual prayer breakfast for the African Union Heads of State.
Prayer by the President of Nigeria
Reading by the President of Zambia

2002 International Prayer Breakfast
Ravi Zacharias delivered the main address at the 17th Annual International Prayer Breakfast on 10 September 2002 in the Delegate's Dining Room at the United Nations. His topic, one year after the terrorist attack on 9/11, was "If the Foundations Are Being Destroyed, What Shall the Righteous Do?”
2001 September 11th International Prayer Breakfast
As 225 of us sat peacefully in the Delegates’ Dining Room the morning of September 11, 2001, the city outside which all of us called “home” was already under siege. While those mighty towers were under attack and thousands were facing death, Dr. Miroslav Volf reminded us that the “will to embrace the other” – even an enemy – is at the heart of reconciliation and peace and hope.
2000 Millennium Summit Prayer
President Olusengun Obasanjo of Nigeria offered the prayer for the Millennium Summit Prayer Breakfast before an audience of 350 distinguished guests from 100 countries on 5 September 2000. [17.3 kB pdf file]
Terrorism: A Global and Personal Response
Five weeks after the September 11th terrorist attack, Chief Bob Vernon (former assistant Chief of Police for the city of Los Angeles) addressed UN ambassadors from every region of the world. He answered 3 questions on how to prevent terrorism: How did we get here? Where do we go from here? What do we need? [99.1 kB pdf file]
God, Secularism, and Human Dignity - remarks by Dr. Dinesh D'Souza at the 26th Annual International Prayer Breakfast
God, Secularism, and Human Dignity - remarks delivered at the 26th Annual International Prayer Breakfast by Dr. Dinesh D'Souza, President of The Kings College in New York City.
In the Shadow of Mount Hood: Meeting God in the Mystery of Grief
Article from Christianity Today Magazine, the real-life story of tragedy referred to by Dr, Frank James in his remarks at Christmas Dinner, 7 December 2011.
2012 International Prayer Breakfast
Remarks delivered by Dr. Ravi Zacharias at the 2012 International Prayer Breakfast, 18 September 2012.