Weekly Classes for Diplomat Wives

Christian Embassy New York February 1, 2021

All Christian Embassy Wives Classes are offered on Zoom.  They are free of charge and all wives of diplomats are welcome.  To register, use the Contact Us Page.

In-person meeting times are available, let us know if you would like to arrange a get-together!

Personal Development Class - A new year can be a catalyst for personal growth and trying new things.  In this six week class, we will give you tools to evaluate your current situation and then show you how to set goals in a way that you will see success.  This class will meet on Tuesday afternoons at 2:30 pm.

Bible Discussion Class - I Need a Miracle! We will look at several miracles of Jesus from the New Testament. The New Testament authors tell us about many surprising things that Jesus did.  We will discuss what these events tell us about God and about us.  This class is offered twice on Wednesdays at 10:30 am and then again at 2:30 pm.

Conversational English Class - The goal of this class is to increase fluency and confidence in English through conversation. In this class we talk about things like living in New York, current events, and holidays in order to increase vocabulary and to help with pronunciation.  We offer this class twice on Thursdays at 10:30 am and also at 2:30 pm.

Audio Book Club - Every week we will listen to a short story and discuss it.  The goal of this class is to improve English by enjoying good literature and each other's company.  We meet on Friday afternoons at 2:30 pm.

English Class

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